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Brake Service

Your car’s brakes need to be in perfect condition at all times to enable you to slow down and stop properly when required. Therefore, you need to inspect and service the brakes of your car regularly. Brake service and brake inspection involve checking both disc and drum brakes to ensure that the brakes function properly. For instance, during an inspection, a mechanic will examine the brake calipers, rotors, brake shoes and brake pads to ascertain whether they are functioning effectively. Brake service also involves replacing worn-out components such as brake pads. If you are trying to locate an auto repair shop that can help you with services such as brake inspection and repair, you don’t need to worry because there is D & Nays Auto Repair.

D & Nays Auto Repair is a firm that provides high-quality repair services for different types of motor vehicles. The range of services that we provide include engine tune-up, brake inspection and service, transmission repair, tire replacement, computerized engine diagnosis, wheel balancing, and many others. We provide a very broad range of services in order to cater to the diverse needs of the different customers that we serve. This means that if you need any type of service for your car, you can get the service at D & Nays Auto Repair.

In order to deliver high-quality services, we have invested in training our employees and buying modern equipment to help us work more efficiently. This makes our services very reliable in that you will always be served quickly, and you can also visit our shop at any time. 

We operate from our base in Watkinsville, GA but we also serve all the areas in the vicinity including Bethlehem, Winder, and Athens. Therefore, if you are in Watkinsville or any other location in the neighborhood and you need an auto repair shop, please contact us. You can also get more details about us at

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